“Marketing is an expertise field that has been radically changeing during the past few years. The marketing tools also increased in numbers so it becames harder to choose the right strategy. CreatUR is always keeping up with technology to offer our clients real added value”

Product launch :
We help coordinate the PR side of you product launch with the content production and press distribution.

Media plan :
We advise on your yearly media plan in order to make the most of the content that you create, choose the right timing to maximise your impact and choose the right platform to optimize the target.

Brand Awareness :
Helping identifying the core value of your brand and putting together a strategy in order to make those values live into your actions and products.

Product marketing :
Having a product with a hight value and having the consumer perceiving that value is another story. We offer specifics services in that target the key benefits of your product or service and we help you create the right communication and visual to make sure the value you create is perceived by your consumer target.